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  • Are you available for commissions?
    Yes, I would love to dicuss a commission with you, please feel free to contact me through the various methods on the web site, Contact Me page or Social Media with your requirements and ideas
  • How much does it cost?
    Not as much as you think, I am not a professional artist and therefore most of my work is done as a supplement to income and for the pure love of creating artwork. Each piece is different of course, ideally I like to work to your budget and as long as the offer is reasonable I'm sure we can do a deal. If you take a rough example of the time it takes to produce a work, say, Picnic in the park was approx. 140 hours, whereas Last Day on Earth was approximately 8 hours. You can then make an offer based on what you think it is worth. NB: please don't be fooled by any of the time-lapse artwork you see on You Tube, where it appears great pieces of work are "knocked up" in 3 minutes flat :-) it really isn't like that
  • What mediums do you work in?
    I learned my trade in Oils I suppose. Oils are a much more expensive medium and require a lot more time. I am also happy to work in Acrlyics, Gouache, Watercolour, Pencil, Coloured pencil, Graphite, Chalk
  • Can I choose an image for reproduction?
    Yes, I'm quiet happy to reproductions as long as no copyright is infringed of course
  • Do you work from live sittings or photographs?
    I can work from either, it is normally easier to work from photographs if likenesses are required due to sitting times etc.
  • What size artwork do you create?
    My more detailed works are quiet time consuming of course and so I tend to work with canvas sizes up to 32" x 24" normally, although of course this could be increased. Most of my drawings are up to A2, again these are not set in stone and I would happily recommend a size I feel would look right for any piece of work.
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