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Every Angel

An apocalyptical collection in Grisaille

Every Angel is a collection of oils executed in the grisaille style. The underlying trend of the images shows a disastrous backdrop and a girl representing hope, future and freedom.
There are analogous elements to each painting holding on to a specific event in the past and a carefree release of the protagonist in each.
This collection is one of looking forward to a brighter future than the devastation of the past.
They are my visions of hope.

As with all of my paintings, I name them after a piece of music which has some meaning to me when viewed with the artwork.

"Every Angel" is a work by All About Eve and comes from their eponymous 1988 album, it was released as a single in the UK in the same year reaching No. 30 in the UK chart.

All my works are "PhotoShop Free" i.e. they are not digitally enhanced in any way, I only use traditional painting or drawing techniques

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